Benassi Bros feat. Sandy

Benassi Bros. is an Italian dance group. The members of the group, Benny Benassi and Alle Benassi, started DJing in the late '80s in their hometown, before moving to Larry Pignagnoli's Off Limits production studio in the mid-'90s, creating music for various acts, including Whigfield, J.K. and Ally & Jo. Despite the name "Benassi Bros.", Benny Benassi and Alle Benassi are actually cousins.
Some of the best solo stars start off their career as backing singers and session vocalists. It happened to Madonna and now it's happening to the UK born dance virtuoso, SANDY.

She's been singing since the age of five and turned professional in the Nineties when she did sessions as the lead vocalist on dance projects that charted throughout the world and sold millions of copies. She sang backing vocals for Italian stars of the calibre of GIORGIA, JOVANOTTI, CLAUDIO BAGLIONI, ZUCCHERO and LAURA PAUSINI. She showed the subtler side of her vocal range in the duet "Vivo per lei" with ANDREA BOCELLI. She toured with MARIAH CAREY.

She lives England and Italy and is now about to get the international recognition she deserves for her outstanding performance on ILLUSION by Benassi Bros. feat. SANDY (top 3 in the European Dance Chart), produced by the team behind highly acclaimed Benny Benassi presents the Biz project.

A top Italian producer once said "Sandy, you have a lucky voice. Everything you sing turns to gold!" You better believe it!!!